About Us


Webu is a social marketing app creating a metaverse for everyone. 

We created Webu to help SMEs, Freelancers, Content Creators grow without hurting their wallets. 

As the global economy has become a whole with the introduction of 5G, Covid-19 has increased the connection with remote work and online conferences. In 2021 alone, 40% of the global market for SME advertising is available despite the big firms are trying to reach it. In many countries such as Thailand, Taiwan 80% of the economy is SME basis, 45% in the Indian region, account for 44% of US economic activities, 80% of Brazil, over 75% in China, and they are the ones affected by the financial crisis the most. 

Each month there are 280k new content creators on YouTube trying to make it to the world of influencers which would be the future. 

Webu was created to help them grow in every way charging only $2, reaching maximum impressions where mom and pop make their spending right back. 

60M+ followers back us to push this mission initially. 

Webu is available in 176 countries and is expected to recruit 250k active users in the first month of globalization. 800k the second year, 1.7M the third year, 5M the 5th year, bringing in $1.4M revenue the first year, $7M the second year, $20M the third year, and $90M the fifth year.

The initial idea for Webu came after the struggles of finding an effective and affordable marketing tool. 

Our mission is to help every thriving member grow their businesses to success. Webu offers a convenient, effective, respectful, and cheap marketing tool. Webu brings confidence in advertising for small businesses by bringing traction to them.

Our announcement feature is designed to grow fanbase for future influencers by pushing your ad to all the users within Webu. As a content creator, promote your page, expand your influence with confidence! Please take advantage of our cross-app sharing, helping you reach a more comprehensive range of audiences.

Webu will not delete user accounts without working directly with the users first and resolving any issues for a better user experience. 

We are creating metaverse, a one-stop shop for the marketing demand of the SME, freelancers, and content creators. We are executing the plan with a user-friendly respectful application that’s assessable to everyone. Splash our users with rich and free features self-sustainable with space to reach a greater audience. Grow your reach and transform the traffic into income—all in Webu.