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The filters are designed to bring the world closer and before you. Users can engage, network, view, and share content as much as they wish.



The public filter is an entrance to the live feed & updates every minute! 

Engage with others from around the area without having to be their friends. 


Connect and receive assistance from others within your community. 

Announce a local networking event. 

Ask for favors from the local communities.

Share, meet with others who share the same interests, goals, and hobbies, and build a stronger, more loving, high-functional community.

Share news or what’s happening within the area to keep others informed.

Suggest specific locations, restaurants, parks, movie theaters, gyms, bars, museums on everything you love doing. Stay connected, stay engaged!


Small business owners can promote their location by creating a post and tagging their location. 

Webu will send a push notification to all users within the small business owners area.

Webu will announce their business and promote their post, given the small business owner maximum impressions within that area.




Victims can share their experiences to seek help and support nearby without embarrassment.

Content relevancy by user behavior and location.




Stream your media and broadcast without delay, making whatever you do much more fun and iconic.

The more you are on Live, the more chances of getting featured!



Passport filter will display all global announcements.
Promote your websites driving organic traffic to their site.
Promote your platforms and reach a greater audience - it's our job to make it easy for you to be influential. 
We notify users worldwide to help you grow far, more, and diverse.



See relevant Announcements from around your area.
Help or receive help from the local community.
Stay engaged with your local community and never miss an event or great offers.
Real-time feed on the map, connecting people.