Taipei City Economic and Cultural Development

Demo day by the Taipei City Economic and Cultural Development before 200 guests. 2021. Eleven team were pitching their ideas, innovation to audience of 200+ including the Taipei Deputy Major Miss Huang Shan Shan,Everii, and many VCs, reporters and investors.

The Demo Day showcases 11 startups from different countries to join force in Taiwan creating a diverse and health startup ecosystem. Webu to introduce our solution to Taiwan in public the first time. November 2nd, 2021 at THub, Taipei.

Webu was acknowledgment and certification by the Taipei, Taiwan city for the Soft Landing Taipei. It was an honorable moment to know that we have been acknowledged and witness before the city and such a large crowd in November 2nd, 2021. Webu has gain many connections, and exposure from this recognition. We are among the first group of people who trust and encourage by the city to lead innovation and brings solution to better the SMEs market.